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These provisions govern the General Terms of Use of the website www.ursus.it owned by URSUS S.p.A. with headquarters in Via Manzoni no. 8, 36027 Rosà (Vicenza - Italy), VAT IT 00163050248, hereinafter mentioned as the COMPANY for the sake of brevity, which must be followed by all those who want to browse the pages of the website. Access to the www.ursus.it site is a voluntary action on the part of the visitor and does not entail any obligation other than to comply with the conditions therein. By accepting the above, the visitor declares to be of age and to use the site for the sole purpose of responding to his/her own needs and not for any other reasons illegal or contrary to the current laws in force in Italy. The visitor also declares to use his/her personal information by entering it correctly, completely and truthfully. If the user suspects that his/her personal data has been misused improperly, is required to contact the company’s customer service in order to prevent damage from occurring. The User is informed and by browsing the site accepts that in case illegal use or use which determines a possible risk for the COMPANY, the latter may alternatively:
  1. deactivate or suspend the account and therefore deny access to the reserved area
  2. refuse or cancel any orders
in the case in which:
  1. there are judicial claims against the user
  2. untruthful, inaccurate or incomplete personal information is given by the user
  3. the user utilises false or stolen credit cards.

In any case, the COMPANY reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time, for any reason and without obligation to communicate it directly to each customer.




The COMPANY holds all industrial and intellectual property rights to the website and the related blog. The COMPANY reserves the right to prosecute any misuse of its website in compliance with the provisions stated in the respective legislation in force and active in the Italian territory. Images, texts, logos, graphic elements, videos, photographs, tutorials and any graphic representation and/or text in general and any other element published and/or reproduced on this site are owned by the COMPANY or granted for use by authorized third parties. All trademarks, logos, domain names, company names are covered by proprietary rights and as such cannot be used, replicated, copied by third parties without the authorization of the COMPANY. The COMPANY is solely responsible for the management of the official portal at www.ursus.it with the consequence that there is no liability in the event of the website being cloned for illegal purposes that could mislead unwary users.


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