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MTB handlebar stems

Magnus S700


Magnus S700


MTB handlebar stems

Ursus MTB handlebar stems let you adopt the most suitable riding position, adapting the bike to your biometrics. 

Stems connect the handlebar to the mountain bike frame, through the fork. They are used by athletes to adjust the height of the handlebars and the distance from the body. 


How to choose MTB handlebar stems

When choosing MTB handlebar stems, remember that the more you lean and extend your torso forward, the more aerodynamic and suitable your position will be for high-speed racing. On the other hand, for off-road use, a more vertical position is preferred to improve bike control on all terrains, including in accelerations, and minimise the risk of injury to the spine due to stresses.
This is affected by the length of the stem and the inclination. 

So, when buying a MTB handlebar stem, always consider your physical characteristics, your height first and foremost, but also your flexibility. Maintaining the right riding position is important to both improve racing performance and your well-being.

A very important factor is the angle of the handlebar stem: the greater the inclination, the more vertical your position. Conversely, a lower inclination means you will have to lean forward more, adopting a more aerodynamic position.

Ursus carbon MTB handlebar stem

Ursus Magnus S700 carbon MTB handlebar stem is designed to allow every cyclist to take their ideal riding position. It lets you choose the inclination thanks to the adjustable alpha angle. The width of the handlebar can also be customised to increase comfort during competition or training, with a grip that ensures control of the bike and a position that respects your physiology.

Like every Ursus product, MTB handlebar stems are the result of the collaboration between our engineers and our Ursus ambassadors and teams, who provide constant feedback that enables us to make significant improvements on a regular basis. 

We use technologically advanced materials and designs. We create handlebar stems using sustainable manufacturing systems to reduce CO2 emissions.

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