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Racing bike hubs

New Hub RV30


Hub RV30

Hub RD30


Hub RD30

New Hub RD52


Hub RD52

Racing bike hubs

Racing bike hubs are key wheel elements that can profoundly influence wheel efficiency and therefore the performance of the cyclist during competition. The choice of the hub can be strategic to give the wheel—and therefore the bike—a particular setup.

The hub’s technical characteristics can offer greater rigidity and smoothness, for example, minimising friction for a fast and responsive ride.

Generally speaking, reducing the number of spokes will result in a lighter, more agile wheel. But the choice of the hub also depends on the type of brake, gear shifter compatibility and the rim.

What is the hub?

The hub is the central component of the wheel, allowing it to turn. It is also the element to which the spokes are attached. It has a central body and flanges where the spokes are inserted. 

Racing bike hubs are made from lightweight materials like Ergal aluminium. The most significant variations are:

  1. The locking system: central lock or six-hole;
  2. The type of spokes: straight-pull or j-bend.

Straight-pull hubs are more complex from an engineering standpoint, but they reduce wheel weight and increase stiffness.

Hubs are equipped with ball bearings allowing the wheels to turn. The smoother the bearings, the less resistance the wheel will encounter. This can impact the cyclist's performance in competition. It is also important to protect the bearings from dirt, to reduce wear over time. Ball bearings on racing bike hubs can be cleaned periodically and must be replaced when worn.

Ursus racing bike hubs

The Ursus range of racing bike hubs includes pairs of aluminium hubs, suitable for different types of spokes. All Ursus racing bike wheel hubs use very smooth ball bearings to minimise resistance during pedalling. They are compatible with Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM: 

  • Ursus RD50 hub in Ergal 7075 aluminium, with 24 holes for straight-pull spokes;
  • Ursus RD40 hub made of Ergal 7075 aluminium, with 20 holes in front and 24 holes in the rear with locking system;
  • Ursus RD30 hub in Ergal 7075 aluminium, with 24 holes for j-bend spokes.

The front and rear hubs are always included when you buy a road bike wheel. But you can also purchase Ursus hubs separately.

Some advantages

Ursus hubs are made from high-quality aluminium, which is lightweight, strong and hard wearing. They are meticulously designed and manufactured to improve wheel responsiveness and smoothness. The Ursus internal R&D department is always looking for new solutions to improve our racing bike hub performance, also based on feedback from our Ambassadors in the field.

Another aspect much appreciated by Ursus customers is our bike hubs’ good looks.

All Ursus products and components, including racing bike hubs, are made in Italy, with great attention to environmental sustainability. 

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