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Marcel Guerrini, the new #Gladiator of the Torpado-Ursus team

Marcel Guerrini, the new #Gladiator of the Torpado-Ursus team
Al lavoro in bici? L’ambiente ringrazia, ma anche le tue tasche. Senza dimenticare la salute.

The Swiss rider is competing in his first season as standard-bearer for Mauro Bettin's XC team.

After Gerhard Kerschbaumer’s departure, moving onto Specialized, the XC Torpado-Ursus team made a technical revolution. General manager Mauro Bettin’s new project focuses on the growth of young talents such as Martin Mina and Manuel Capra from Italy, Oliver Vedersø Sølvhøj from Denmark, and Mario Bair from Austria. Only one Elite was called to support the Under 23s: Marcel Guerrini.



The common denominator of the group selected by Bettin is their “hunger”. If, for young people, ambition comes from the desire to emerge, for Marcel the impetus must run deep. So, what is his battle? The answer is to be found in the history of the Swiss rider.


Accustomed to competing in MTB since the age of seven, Guerrini establishes himself from youth as one of the best prospects on the Swiss and international scene. His familiarity with the podium starts to become clear in 2010: he comes in second at the Swiss XC under 17 championship and is second overall in the national cup. The attention of the experts is on him even when, three years later, he earns the place of honor in the Swiss Cup and is qualified for the World Cup.

These prestigious achievements make Marcel's international career take off. In 2014, at the age of twenty, he qualifies for a World Championship for the first time. He redraws the hierarchies on a national level: at the end of the season, he is fifth in the U23 Championship, and the following year he manages to win a bronze medal. His season is 2016, the year in which he graduates as Swiss champion, when he earns a bronze medal both at the World and European Championships, establishing himself as one of the most interesting youths of his generation. At this point, he is ready to enter the specialty elite by right, where he remains among the top 20 riders, at least until his knee becomes inflamed.

For Marcel, this is the beginning of the most difficult period of a career that had been idyllic until then: his knee causes him constant pain. He does not improve. The Swiss rider struggles to heal, fails to train consistently, and is forced to say goodbye to the goals on his schedule. No European Cup, no World Cup. Marcel cannot help but pause, but his break turns out to be longer than expected. Everything he has worked for all his life seems to have vanished. The medals, the cheering fans, the adrenaline of the race. Guerrini works for a while as a bartender but does not give up hope. He will be back on his saddle.



The opportunity comes thanks to Mauro Bettin, who hires him in the Torpado-Ursus team. At twenty-six, Marcel Guerrini still has time to pursue his dream, to show the world that he can once again be one of the fastest riders on the international scene. Today, his hardest months seem to be finally behind him, and with his new teammates, our standard-bearer is succeeding and pushing hard. His best condition seems to be within arm’s reach.



To support the efforts of our XC #Gladiators, there is Kodiak, the official wheelset of the Torpado-Ursus team, this year further improved in its mechanics. The main novelty is in the introduction of the new Ursus XD50 flange hubs, components made in Italy and designed to effectively counterbalance the braking force, thus ensuring performance reliability and durability. These disc brake hubs give Kodiak a superior smoothness, thanks to the tolerances reduced down to the micron applied in their production. Finally, the XD50 are equipped with gaskets that ensure the maximum seal against dust, rain, and mud. This means that the fluidity of the Torpado bikes supplied to our boys will remain stable over time, giving their attacks an extra chance of success.

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