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Travelling by bike with Ursus accessories

Travelling by bike with Ursus accessories

Giulia Baroncini’s feedback on our bike accessories

Travelling by bike and facing ong itineraries, you need reliable and safe accessories. Bike equipment in cycling tourism is essential so you should always focus on quality, lightweight and resistant products.

Adopting wheels, seatposts or a bicycle touring handlebar that meets high standards means reducing the risk of unforeseen events and the need for maintenance. This is especially so for lengthy journeys, when there is a long way to go, so it is worth investing in bike accessories that allow you to travel well.

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Cycling with Ursus: wheels and seatpost for cycling tourism

We have already dedicated some of our posts on cycling tourism to Giulia Baroncini’s experience. Travelling by bike alone from Milan to Chicago and back, Giulia had the company of a strong item from the Ursus range: TC 37 Disc wheels. After the 8,000 km of road travelled together with our products, we asked her to give us some feedback.


“Travelling with the material that Ursus provided me with was the best. Especially in my case, I found advantages in terms of the lightness of the wheels, because I had to transport the bike in a box and pack it up. I didn’t have a lot of total weight, with a maximum 23 kg. The lightness of the TC 37 Disc wheels helped me a lot!”


“My trip didn’t require any particular feats, so I can’t judge the material by that. But the wheels still had a great resistance to weight.
In total, the weight of the bike plus the bags was almost 30 kg. My weight is another 50 kg.  So, the Ursus wheels held a significant weight and for a long time, despite being super light.
They did their job.

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Comfort and safety

“Even in terms of comfort and driveability, I did not have any type of problem. In fact, I really liked the reflective detail of the word Ursus, which helped me in my night rides. In principle, I did not expect to go out at night but in some cases it happened – for example, in Washington it was very hot so I went out at night to explore the city. The reflective wording has been very useful in making me visible.”


“The aesthetic impact of the wheels has also been very positive and it’s not a secondary thing when you spend so much time on the bike, which seems to become almost a part of your body.”

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The TC37 Disc wheel characteristics

The TC37 Disc wheels are UD carbon tubeless ready road wheels, also suitable for clincher tyres. They are high-quality bike wheels, which have excellent performance and an extremely advantageous value for money. They can be used on the road, on gavel and in Cyclocross, which makes them very useful also as bicycle touring wheels, when travelling mostly on paved roads.

The outstanding features of the Ursus TC37 Disc wheels are optimum responsiveness, made possible also by the lightness and rigidity of the carbon wheels. They are comfortable and rideable, so they perfectly match the needs of those who want to use them for cycling.

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They are sold in pairs, with J-bend black Sapim Leader spokes and Ursus RD30 24-hole hubs, equipped with special high-performance ball bearings. The smoothness is peak and the hubs are very durable and reliable, even on long journeys.


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