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Triathlon bike wheels: Ursus' high and medium profile

Triathlon bike wheels: Ursus' high and medium profile
Al lavoro in bici? L’ambiente ringrazia, ma anche le tue tasche. Senza dimenticare la salute.

Which type of Ursus wheels do we recommend to the most demanding triathletes? What features make these products an ideal technical choice for your Triathlon bike? Let us find out together in the following article. The introduction, Wheels for Triathlon bikes.

We have seen in our article “Triathlon bike wheels, how to choose the best ones”, that there are different types of needs which a triathlete can experience while training or competing.  For example, it could be that you are planning to participate in long-distance competitions or in medium-short distances. Based on this, you could turn to completely different technical choices in terms of wheels to purchase for your Triathlon bike.


Triathlon wheels for long distances and the Ironman competition

If the Ironman is part of your dreams, or if you are fascinated by the idea of competing against yourself in Triathlon with very long distances, you probably imagine competing on the cycling route in the saddle of a bike with a very aerodynamic setup. The idea is to minimize the air friction and, consequently, the dispersion of the energy necessary to carry on your performance. In these cases when it comes time to choose the wheels the athlete steers toward carbon rims with a very high profile (from 60 to 90 cm). This type of setup provides, as we have seen, some indisputable advantages in terms of aerodynamics, yet it could also create some issues that you should be aware of. In case of strong lateral wind gusts, the height of the carbon profile rim is not very aerodynamic, this makes the handling of the bike very difficult. To solve this issue, we have developed our aero wheels starting from the GOE 775 Airfoil profile, the same one used to design airplanes.




The result of the countless design efforts executed by the Ursus technical team can certainly be appreciated in particular by the Miura TC67, which has a 67 mm profile and is very stable under any condition. The main advantage of this can be found in the reduced stress on the muscles of the arms and back, an energy savings which could be very important when approaching the last stretch of the course.

The hubs represent a great innovation as, in fact, the R40 model has a unique design, revised to mount on exclusively straight-head spokes, an advantage for the rim tensioning and grip. The perfect alignment of the spokes/rim holes/nipples is an absolute advantage in terms of reliability. Manufactured by the precision of using CNC machines, these hubs provide an unparalleled smoothness that are completed by the SKF bearings.

The other great advantage offered by Miura TC67 is that this type of rim can mount on various types of tires. You will be able to choose between the ease of use of the clincher and the extreme rolling performance of the tubeless. Furthermore, you will be able to use tires ranging from 25 mm to 42 mm.






Triathlon wheels for medium distances and sprints.

For medium distances (for example in the Olympic Triathlon Sprint) differently than that in the Ironman competition, using the opponent’s drafting is allowed. In this case, the need to “cut through the wind” gives way to the need to have a bike that is easier to handle, less aerodynamic and with more endurance.  The setup of these bicycles provides for a set of carbon wheels with medium height profiles (from 30 to 50 cm) and are able to provide the very best performance under any race condition. A description that perfectly fits our Miura TS47 evo.




A product with unparalleled performance and strength, already being used by that of several teams worldwide, shows that the Miura TS37 evo wheels release all your power onto the asphalt. This is thanks to the amazing smoothness of the R40 aluminum rims, as well as to lightness of the tubular carbon rims (only 550 gr. for the front wheel and 700 gr. for the rear wheel).  









Wheels for Triathlon bikes, Miura TS47 or TC67? There really is not an answer which is applicable to all situations, therefore we have tried to list the main differences between a product designed to offer you advantages in Sprint courses, and another designed to improve the aerodynamic performance which is useful in longer races and training sessions. The choice depends on the type of triathlete you want to become but, in any case, it will be an uncompromisable quality choice that you have made!

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