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Ursus Magnus H.02 handlebar: the best riding experience for your racing bike

Ursus Magnus H.02 handlebar: the best riding experience for your racing bike
Al lavoro in bici? L’ambiente ringrazia, ma anche le tue tasche. Senza dimenticare la salute.

Ursus’ commitment to integrated racing handlebar innovation has taken a new step forward.

Lightness, ergonomics, and aerodynamics find their perfect synthesis in Magnus H.02, a carbon handlebar in which every single detail is designed to make riding your road bike an unforgettable experience.


Magnus H.02 is light as a feather: it only weighs 380 grams (in size M). This is a feature that is even more relevant when compared with the extraordinary stiffness of its carbon body, designed to promptly respond to your commands when you change pace. When combined, these two features guarantee accurate management of trajectories, a key aspect to experience unforgettable moments on descending slopes.



For the Magnus H.02 handlebar, our R&D department has developed a cable integration system capable of optimizing the fluidity of the mechanisms transmitted by the manual controls. A modulated curve has been created in the joint angle, inside which the cables are completely protected, until they reach the 1’’-1/2 steering bearing.

According to the type of bike, the front brake housing can slide directly into the fork steerer with a special expander, or follow the path of the other cables in a special housing located behind the head tube. This system therefore ensures maximum efficiency in the combination with the different various systems adopted by the best bicycle manufacturers. In this new general picture, there is one more small element to be considered: with Magnus H.02, your bike will also evolve in terms of style, reaching aesthetic peaks worthy of a flagship.



How important is it for a cyclist to “measure” their bike? It is absolutely essential. Are you aiming for maximum aerodynamic performance, or are you simply looking for a handlebar that gives you the right feeling during your rides? Whichever it is, Magnus H.02 could be the right product for your needs. Our new integrated handlebar is available in 8 different sizes, to ensure an ergonomically correct grip for cyclists of any physical build.

The study of ergonomics has not limited itself to the fit according to size, but it has embraced all aspects that can improve your experience of using the handlebar. A few examples?

  • Viewed from the front, Magnus H.02 is slightly wider at the base: this shape will give your arms more freedom of movement when gripping the lower handle, especially when gaining speed.
  • To find an ideal compromise between aerodynamics and ergonomics, the sections of the handlebars at the various support points are designed differently.



The precision in construction that Ursus has reserved for this new integrated racing bike handlebar can be perceived by their eye for the fine details. A replaceable aluminum plate has been integrated into the area where the joint angles into the fork. The fastening screws are fixed onto the metal, thus avoiding the risk of damaging the carbon in the event of excessive tightening.

In the lower part of the attachment, there are two rivets for mounting the computer support in a position that perfectly latches onto the front contours of the handlebar.




Magnus H.02 answers the need for quality, performance, and aesthetics for your racing bike’s cockpit. This product is the result of the all-Italian experience in the development of state-of-the-art carbon components. So, what are you waiting for? Come and find out more about our integrated handlebar and check out the technical sheet!

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