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Ursus: wheels and handlebars for MTB beginners

Ursus: wheels and handlebars for MTB beginners

Ursus always focuses on quality and on making MTB wheels and accessories with the very best materials and the most advanced technologies. But another of our priorities is to balance quality and price, bearing in mind the different needs of cyclists, including those who are starting out in the sport.

In this article we'll show you the perfect MTB wheels and handlebars if:

  • you're taking your first steps in MTB, or
  • you only use your MTB occasionally.

But first we'd like to give you some advice about choosing mountain bike accessories to suit you, balancing the needs of performance and cost.

Wheels for MTB beginners: what to choose?

If you're starting your MTB adventure or only ride occasionally, you probably prefer wheels that are more affordable. We'd like to reassure you by saying that this doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality and performance.

We simply suggest you choose aluminium wheels: although they're slightly heavier and less responsive than carbon ones, well-designed and well-made aluminium MTB wheels can be the perfect combination of performance and cost.

As you progress in the MTB world or start riding more frequently, even entering competitions, we recommend investing gradually in professional quality wheels and accessories.

Ursus aluminium MTB wheels are exceptionally high quality. Just like the carbon wheels used by professionals in competitions, our wheels for beginners and amateurs have Ergal 7075 aluminium hubs with high-performance and extremely smooth ball bearings. They are designed to be more resistant to wear and tear and the accumulation of dirt: this makes maintenance less frequent and, above all, prolongs the life of the product, making for an affordable long-term investment.

We present Spark: the Ursus wheels for MTB beginners

We developed the Spark wheels specifically for cyclists who are taking their first steps (or  rather, first pedal strokes) in mountain biking, but want to use quality wheels right away. 

These are extremely balanced wheels that enhance cycling safety. One aspect that's highly valued by mountain bikers is that aluminium wheels are fairly light and rigid, with a good level of responsiveness. The total weight for the pair is just over 2 kilos.

They feature XD30 Center Lock hubs, perfect for all MTB disciplines that require reliability and efficiency: enduro, freeride etc.


The MTB handlebar for improved control: Magnus H200

The Magnus H200 handlebar is the Ursus model we recommend for beginners in MTB, because it's designed specifically to give the cyclist better control of the bike.

All Ursus MTB accessories are made with innovative design and the most advanced materials, in order to reduce weight and optimise race performance.

From this angle, the Magnus H200 handlebar is the most balanced solution for MTB beginners: it's made in aluminium, weighs just over 300 grammes and is very inexpensive. In other words, it's a high quality, but affordable choice, ideal for discovering and falling in love with MTB.



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