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Top-of-the-range Ursus wheels and handlebars for MTB

Top-of-the-range Ursus wheels and handlebars for MTB

High-end Ursus MTB wheels and accessories are used by professional teams and by our ambassadors, because they are superb products for anyone who cycles professionally. 

It’s our attention to detail that has allowed Ursus to position itself as a partner to professional cyclists, even in the highest level international competitions. For us, the focus on quality begins at the design phase of an MTB component, and continues through all subsequent stages, from prototyping to production, but particularly in listening to feedback from our ambassadors and customers.

We're constantly raising the bar on quality, selecting the best designs and materials to reduce the weight of every item and enhance the performance of mountain bikes for riders.

Ursus competition wheels for MTB

Our carbon wheels for competition bikes are of the very highest quality. They are made using the lightest carbon alloys: weight is minimal while performance is optimised to meet the varying needs of the MTB disciplines.

This excellence is made possible by our R&D team's particular focus on design, and by repeated testing both in the lab and on the ground.

The top choice for XC and Marathon: Ursus Diablo 29’’

Lightweight, rigid and responsive to the max.
Thanks to hookless carbon rims with UD finish, the weight is considerably reduced:

  • 1328 grammes / pair for the version with 25 mm inner well;
  • 1390 grammes / pair for the 30 mm version.



Cliff: the 29’’ or 27.5’’ wheels used by athletes in the Enduro World Series

Aluminium wheels with exceptional rigidity and responsiveness, and a 30 mm well that also makes them suitable for wider tyres. Excellent robustness and performance on technical terrains and descents: these are the characteristics of our Cliff wheels. It's no accident that they're the top choice for our athletes competing in the Enduro World Series.



Ultra-light design carbon handlebars for MTB

For high-level mountain bike competitions, the handlebar needs to provide two things: comfort and lightness.

The two carbon MTB handlebars made by Ursus for professional cyclists are designed and developed to give the rider exactly this.

To raise your MTB handlebar, you can use a Magnus S700 carbon stem.

Magnus HX.01 integrated handlebar: stem angle -12° and total weight 275 grammes

With a monocoque structure in UD carbon and cables running inside to prevent wear and damage, this MTB handlebar is perfect if you want to combine function and aesthetics and give your mountain bike an aggressive style.


Magnus HX.01 integrated handlebar: stem angle -30° and total weight 275 grammes

Another version of the Magnus HX.01: the weight stays the same, but the stem angle increases to -30°. This version is the choice of athletes who want to give their MTB an even more aggressive look, with a more extended, forward-reaching riding position.


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