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Ursus Diablo: the wheels chosen by Team Soudal Lee Cougan

Ursus Diablo: the wheels chosen by Team Soudal Lee Cougan

Ursus Diablo is the carbon bicycle wheel chosen by professional athletes and teams for XC and marathon competitions, including Team Soudal Lee Cougan and Leonardo Paez. Here's why they are the best quality.

These are 29" tubeless-ready wheels, designed and rigorously tested to meet the most difficult challenges. They are available with same-colour Ursus graphics. On request, they can also come with white decal lettering. 

We asked the experts at Ursus to explain the technical characteristics that make Diablo the perfect wheels for XC and marathon events.

What are the characteristics of Ursus Diablo wheels most appreciated by professional cyclists?

The Diablo features most valued by our cyclists are lightness and responsiveness.

The hookless rims of these carbon wheels have a UD finish. The weight is just over 1.328 kg per pair with a 25 mm profile and 1.390 kg per pair for the 30 mm version.

These wheels are fast and agile, with an extremely sporty setup.

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How did you get to the design of these MTB wheels, the flagship of the Ursus range?

We studied a design that would be as simple as possible, to minimise the weight of the wheel. Like all Ursus wheels, the Diablo is designed, manufactured, prototyped, tested and marketed thanks to the work of our in-house engineering team. They're constantly seeking the most innovative technologies and the lightest materials. Another strength is that we always listen to feedback from our teams and our ambassadors. 

Before launching a wheel on the market, we test it both in the lab and on the ground, always looking for further improvements.

What are the advantages of hookless rims for the athlete, and why do they help reduce the weight of the wheels?

Hookless rims are straight-backed rims without hooks, and are used only with tubeless tyres.

From the angle of the racing cyclist, they have the following advantages:

  • the wheels are lighter;
  • a wider inner channel can be used, with a slight increase in weight;
  • they improve the aerodynamics between rim and tyre, reducing drag.

So this kind of design makes MTB wheels lighter, faster and smoother.

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Ursus Diablo MTB wheels are available in two versions, with 25 mm and 30’ mm profiles. What's the difference?

Wheels with a wider channel give more stability to the fit of the tyre, guaranteeing less movement on bends. Larger tyres can be used, with less pressure, making for a more comfortable riding experience. On the other hand, the 25 mm profile rim is lighter.

The choice is up to the individual athlete or team. Some, like the Olympia Factory Team or Bottecchia, prefer a 30 mm profile, while others, like Team Soudal Lee Cougan prefer Diablos with 25 mm profile for this season.



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