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Alpentour Trophy as in 2022: Encore by Leonardo Paez

Alpentour Trophy as in 2022: Encore by Leonardo Paez

A date with history for Leonardo Paez, he makes an encore at the Alpentour as in 2022 a week after his victory at Hero. For Soudal-Lee Cougan with Aleksei Medvedev's second place, it's a double in the overall standings of the Austrian stage race.

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June 26, 2023, Schlandmin (AUT) - Soudal-Lee Cougan International Team once again wrote the Alpentour Trophy storyline, dictating the essential course of the four-day race in Styria.   New race, same story of 2022: once again the victory bore the signature of Leonardo Paez, but making the Austrian trip even more satisfying was the beautiful performance of Aleksei Medvedev, crowned by the second place finish and the growing condition of Victor Fernàndez who finished in the Top 10.

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