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Tour of Flanders: the Ursus road bike wheels used by the Total Direct Energie Pro Cycling Team

Tour of Flanders: the Ursus road bike wheels used by the Total Direct Energie Pro Cycling Team
Al lavoro in bici? L’ambiente ringrazia, ma anche le tue tasche. Senza dimenticare la salute.

Ursus launches Miura TR47 Disc and Miura TC47 Disc, two new disc brake wheelsets with which Niki Terpstra and his companions will seek success in the Belgian Classic.

The Northern Classics are very special events in which details are paramount not only to win, but also to get to the finish line. The expert cyclists of the Total Direct Energie Pro Cycling Team know this well, Niki Terpstra in particular, who was able to triumph in the 2018 Tour of Flanders. Among the details that should not be overlooked, a smart choice of the most suitable wheelset must certainly be mentioned. What was the logic behind the choice of the Miura TR47 Disc and Miura TC47 Disc? Let's find out together.



We have already discussed in a previous article the technical advantages that the TR series and TC series wheels can bring to riders in events such as this. With a stress-test carried out in pre-season by the French team for hundreds of km along the Belgian cobblestones, we were able to test the new 28 mm-wide Ursus profile. The test results, reported in the aforementioned article, were more than satisfactory. And that's not all: they were actually fundamental for the development of the new rims we are talking about. These proved to perform even better in endurance courses similar to what we might see at the next Tour of Flanders.



While on the rough and often muddy tracks of the Classics, using wheels that allow installation of tires up to 30 mm can be an advantage in terms of stability, Ursus technicians have also noticed that the profiles of the rims had to yield more. The low profile – 37 mm – gives its best in attacking climbing situations, when low weight makes the difference. The high profile – 67 mm – proved to be a bit extreme for a type of route more devoted to the fight than to the pursuit of definitive aerodynamic performance. The solution, as is often the case, lies in the middle. To demonstrate this, the 47 mm carbon profile for disc brake with an internal diameter of 28 mm was conceived, and then the version for tubulars (TR47 disc) and for tubeless / clincher (TC47 disc) completed the line. Thanks to this innovation, the set-up of the new Ursus wheel models becomes more multifaceted, allowing cyclists to be more effective especially in attacks from afar. 



Is escape your goal? These are the most suitable Ursus wheels. The new 47 mm rims guarantee the best compromise between lightness, reliability, comfort, and aerodynamic propensity, making them absolutely complete products, suitable for one-day-race specialists. As a finishing touch, we must remember to add a pair of ultra-precise Ursus hubs, conceived down to the micron level with numerical control machines, which allows them to stand out on the world market for their construction quality and smoothness.

Miura TR47 disc takes advantage of the performance of tubulars to yield the best in the most demanding competitions, where it is essential to aim for the maximum result. This set of wheels is made for winners, the partner in crime of escape pros such as Giovanni Visconti and Alessandro Tonelli, rouleurs who have already thrilled us in the Giro d’Italia with their stoic long-distance attacks, or like Niki Terpstra.

Miura TC47 disc is a product with features slightly more shifted towards comfort and reliability, while still maintaining its distinctive racing spirit. This is possible thanks to the profile for tubeless and clinchers, a technical solution that is being used on a professional level, especially when it comes to the long endurance training sessions of our teams.



We have taken a closer look at the fundamental characteristics of the two new wheelsets introduced by Ursus, which determine their ideal scope of use in competitions such as the Tour of Flanders. If you are interested in learning more about the technical details of other wheels in the TR series, this article may be worth another five minutes of your time. If you are looking for the same qualities but prefer a rim for tubeless tires, here you can read more about the other wheels in the TC series. To learn more about the wheels used by Terpstra and his teammates, please refer to the technical data sheets of Miura TR47 disc and Miura TC47 disc on our official online shop.




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