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Ursus Miura TC series wheels: comfort, malleability and performance for your bike

Ursus Miura TC series wheels: comfort, malleability and performance for your bike
Al lavoro in bici? L’ambiente ringrazia, ma anche le tue tasche. Senza dimenticare la salute.

Can you be really fast and at the same time reduce muscle fatigue? Can you use the same pair of carbon rims for both a racing bike and one you use on gravel? Ursus has been working on ensuring the answer to these cyclists’ questions is a yes.


There were several types of cycling, and there was a dedicated wheel rim for each one. It would have been very rare to use a training rim to cycle in a race or a cycling marathon as well. “Train with a tubeless tyre? Are you mad! What happens if I get a puncture?” you thought. Things are different these days: for instance, professionals have practically abandoned aluminium and only ask for carbon for their training sessions, because it delivers superior performance. Why have habits changed so much?

Easy. New wheel models have been launched, combining the strength and light weight of the best carbon rims with an unprecedented level of comfort for this type of product. The result of the equation is a wheel that is similar to our TC series: multi-functional.


Paris Roubaix today, Strade Bianche tomorrow.

Has the schedule gone mad? No, we just wanted to get your attention (although these days anything could happen). Let’s just say that if for any reason this were possible, you would be ready and raring to go with TC.

These rims boast two distinguishing features:

  • Tubeless and clincher. This technical solution allows both types of tyre to be fitted. For instance, you can choose the convenience of the clincher for your training sessions, and switch to the higher-performing tubeless version on the day of the race.
  • 28 mm groove. You will have the chance to equip your bike with 28” or 30” tyres, and so wider than standard, thereby gaining in stability and comfort on endurance trails or uneven ground.

As you can imagine, the rims in the TC series become extremely adaptable to different terrain. Thanks to the tubeless feature, you can be as competitive as a pro on the road without worrying about punctures. The next day, you can decide to tackle a route on cobbles, or on gravel: simply lower the inflation pressure of the tyres to get more grip and soften the blow of harsh gravel paths. When you get home, you can continue to work on your form: a quick tyre change and you’ll be ready to rely on the dependability of the air chamber during a long training session. In short, TC truly adapts to all situations seamlessly.


Are your hands, arms and back tired? Miura TC series is a great solution.

Are you suffering from minor aches and pains due to muscle fatigue? Many of these are caused by incorrect posture on your bicycle seat. Nevertheless, sometimes even after you’ve had a check-up and adjusted your bike, the aches and pains just won’t go away. This could be due to poor shock absorption of the continuous vibrations your body endures, for instance during endurance sessions. It’s easy to understand how the solution to this problem could be reducing stress. How so? By deflating the tubeless tyres slightly. With Miura TC and tubeless tyres, you’ll finally be able to experience the ideal riding comfort, with immediate benefits for your body.


What about performance?

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about it. The aerodynamic profile of the TC series rims is designed according to the NACA 0027, borrowed from the world of aeronautics. The carbon fibres are stretched according to a specific dressing process: this ensures the material is distributed in an ideal manner, making the wheel structure extremely light-weight and balanced. All the variants feature the latest model of Ursus aluminium hubs. A concentration of technology, with micrometric precision, emphasised by the presence of extra smooth running ball bearings.

Well. These are technical masterpieces for professionals which in their “disc” version supplement the list of benefits with an unprecedented responsive and efficient braking action, also ideal in the rain or on wet road surfaces.

There are two available profile sizes.


Miura TC37 / Miura TC37 Disc

In their 37 mm version these wheels retain top performance levels on both long distances and mixed routes. They also responded really well to our tests on gravel and wet terrain, demonstrating great stability. They are available in the V-brake version (Miura TC37) and in the version for disc brakes (Miura TC37 Disc).


Miura TC67 / Miura TC67 Disc

The 67 mm version guarantees a superior styling impact for your bike, but this is by no means its main asset. These wheels are designed to deliver their all under the pressure of a stopwatch, when the aerodynamic design of their GOE 775 Airfoil profile makes it possible to minimise their resistance to headwind. Even crosswinds won’t be a problem, as they will simply slip by without destabilising you. In this case too, you can access the Miura TC67 V-Brake version or the Miura TC67 Disc version.


In conclusion

Ursus Miura TC series wheels. Comfort, malleability and performance for your bike. We’ve kept our promises, revealing the secrets to a series of wheels capable of accompanying you on several routes while retaining top performance at all times. With reference to the Miura TC37 and Miura TC67 in their Disc and V-Brake versions, we’ve talked about reliability, bike control and even well-being on the seat of your bike.


Still not enough? Find out more about these wheels on the URSUS ONLINE SHOP!


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