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Ursus products for every type of triathlon: Olympic, Sprint and Ironman

Il prodotto Ursus per ogni disciplina triathlon: olimpico, triathlon sprint e ironman

Not all triathlon bike wheels are the same; neither are the handlebars and other components. There's the quality of the product, of course. But there are also the specific features of the event. In fact, Olympic, Sprint and Ironman triathlons are very different competitions, and your bike should be optimised for specific performance.

Can there be a specialist high-quality wheel for each type? We think so.

URSUS triathlon wheels and handlebars are created by our in-house R&D team using the most advanced technology. They are made in carbon fibre and designed to maximise your performance during the race.

All URSUS products are the result of feedback from professional triathletes, prototyping and testing in the lab and on the road. But they're not all the same, because they respond to different needs.

In this article we'll help you choose the most suitable product for each triathlon discipline.

Deep-section wheels for triathlon: Ironman: aerodynamics and speed

Ironman features long courses with low degrees of slope. For this you'll need specific wheels, designed to be aerodynamic and cut through the air. Once you're up to speed, the Ironman triathlon wheels should keep it constant.

Triathletes usually choose deep-section wheels for Ironman events.

What are the most suitable URSUS products?

MIURA TC67 disc (or V-brake). These wheels are made in carbon fibre and are adapted for tubed tyres. In the disc version, the rim is 67 mm deep and 28 mm wide, with an inner channel of 21 mm.

Very similar, but designed for tubeless tyres, is the MIURA TR67 Disc.

An alternative is the MIURA TS87 EVO with the GAURO lenticular rear wheel and tubed tyre, to maximise aerodynamic performance.  The MIURA TS87EVO is suitable for time trials and the lenticular rear wheel lends extra speed. You may prefer these if you have a particularly aggressive approach to the race and excellent control of your bike.

Which URSUS wheels for Olympic or Sprint triathlon? 

The best wheels for Olympic triathlon are MIURA TS47 DISC (or V-brake). The section is shallower, at 47 mm, allowing you to regain speed quickly. This model is for tubed tyres.

If you prefer tubeless you could choose the MIURA TC37 DISC racing wheels with a 37 mm rim. Despite the shallower section, they are extremely aerodynamic.

Olympic and Sprint triathlon require wheels more suited to relaunching and restarting than the Ironman, and good racing wheels may be what you need.

Other URSUS products you might consider for this type of triathlon are:

Magnus line: the carbon fiber triathlon handlebar

As you know, in triathlon aerodynamics are everything.

URSUS has developed and tested two incredibly high-performance handlebars: the Magnus H01 and the Magnus H02.

These carbon-fibre drop bars are truly ergonomic and integrated, designed to be aerodynamic and cut through the air.

As race handlebars, they can be used without problems in terms of federation rules, including in Sprint and Olympic triathlon. 

All the URSUS products and wheels for triathlon

If you're looking for triathlon wheels and handlebars to maximise your race performance, why not check out all the URSUS products?

Bear in mind that our products are developed in collaboration with professional and amateur triathletes in order to help every athlete to achieve their wildest dreams.

All the URSUS products for triathlon

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